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Left to its own devices nature will do its best to fill an empty space. Wait just a few weeks and what was once a clear piece of land, is suddenly covered with weeds, brambles and other invasive plants.

With a lot of muscle and time, these areas can be brought back into good use, ready for whatever project or idea you have in mind.

We cleared this area in the garden in Bitton and found a rockery hidden beneath. To help to define the garden we also supplied and installed fencing for the customer. The area is now ready for its new purpose.

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Overgrown area of greenery in Bitton
Area of ground heavily overgrown at a garden in Bitton.
Bitton garden ground cleared of greenery
Greenery cleared from the garden in Bitton and a new fence erected.
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Clearing garden greenery done by Park View Turf and Garden Services
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Quality Turf laid by Park View Turf and Garden Services
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