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Hedging can come in all shapes, forms and sizes and we at Park View Turf and Garden Services are happy to deal with any type of hedging you may have.

From these pictures you can see that we are able to deal with not just an overgrown domestic privet hedge, but we will also cut and sculpt larger conifers, beech trees and smaller shrubs.

It can take time to get the right shape and size to suit your garden, but the final result can be absolutely spectacular.

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Evergreen hedging shaped and trimmed in Oldland Common
Conifer hedging, trimmed and shaped at a house in Oldland Common
Conifer hedging trimmed and shaped
Rounded conifers shaped and cut to dramatic effect in Oldland Common
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Hedge trimming by Park View Turf and Garden Services
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Quality Turf laid by Park View Turf and Garden Services
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